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We’re growing rapidly and looking for passionate individuals who are eager to make a difference.Come join our world class team.

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Piksals Services works passionately to integrate information, design, and technology to help our clients transform their visions to reality.













A few Thing About Piksals


Piksals Core Values are aimed to, developing Perspective,high performance or customer focused and commitment.We understand the challenges and providing end-to-end solutions and services. Company focused towards goal of total satisfaction for all stakeholders – clients, partners, employees.

Piksals It Solution to provide a customer-focused approach to delivering great service.They listen closely to what customers are asking for and not only act on customer feedback but they also communicate back to customers how and whether their requests were acted on. They align their customer service processes and practices with customer-centric goals and objectives. Piksals It Solution organizations are also willing to try new technologies and new techniques for providing better support experiences.

Why We Do It

The enthusiasm! We love working with creative intelligence that motivates us to develop unique and crystal clear designs and thrilling experiences.

What We Do

master minds who create outstandingly high level of research Business proposal

What We Do

Our Services
Our full-service, integrated approach utilizes creative design, Web & App Development, Digital Marketing, Seo, Social media, public relations, advertising and media strategy to help shape your brand

ManPower Services

Social Media Optimization


Software Testing

Digital Marketing

We Work With Startups

Quality software is not only required by seasoned companies but is a necessity for passionate startups looking to change the world with their new technologies. Piksals IT services helps you build those technologies.

Startup Minded Developers

We focus on hiring startup minded developers who are not only passionate about technology but are also truly interested in seeing their work change the world.

Equity Share Pricing

If your product qualifies, we can offer you equity share pricing which allows you to make your development dollars go further in exchange for an equity share. This extra inventive of ownership creates even more organic passion for your project.

Startup Contact Network

Over the years, we have developed a deep network of contacts who are start up minded who can be leveraged to help with funding, marketing, and general connections.

More Reasons To Piksals

Project Initiation

Idea for the project is explored and elaborated.understanding of the business environment and making sure that all necessary controls are incorporated into the project.

Planning And Design

Time, cost and resources adequately to estimate the work needed and to effectively manage risk during project execution


Proper allocation, co-ordination and management of human resources and any other resources such as material and budgets

Montoring and Controlling

Provides feedback between project phases

Our Team

Everyone is a core hand their own field, from project management to eye catching  Web/UI and dashboard design, from extreme development of coding standard.
Every person have unique capability and PIKSALS IT SERVICES choose the best,Those brings something different to the table.

That in short is our mantra to make you successful. Agility, honesty and transparency with 100% commitment towards delivering positive outcomes.


” PIKSALS  is a true partner. They work closely with our own development team to ensure that all business as well as technical objectives are met in a timely manner. Not only do they do great technical work, but they have an incredible sense of meeting our business goals. ”

if  looking for a CMS to build your website, its highly likely that the names WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal have already done a round through the deeper web of your thought process and you have already given a once over to them thinking which one should you be choosing?
Although, the options available are wide and varied but getting to know what is best for you can be a bit of a tough job, especially if you are not well acquainted with them.

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